Wednesday, January 22, 2014

The RPG 2.0

I haven't posted for almost a full year, and that last post was about not posting.  Last time I talked about cleaning up the RPG, as it was my #1 priority, and I also discussed some silly things like looking for a catch phrase, and other things I was doing to try and figure out what I wanted to really do.

Well, work on the RPG I did.

I'm introducing the RPG: Version 2.  The key difference between version 1 and 2 is that version 2 has a design language based on the Five Core Rules that I've tried to stick to, which was simplicity, freedom, and easy to understand tables to help with rules clutter and organization.  I also focused on what I felt separated my system from others: the lore.  There's a whole host of changes designed to make using this system easier than ever before.  Here's a list of the major changes.

New Name
The Universal Saga RPG is now the Final Saga RPG, to better reflect the new system

Fully Revised Chapters
New introduction chapter, revised opening, enhancements/vehicles rolled into equipment chapters

All New Character Creation
New themes and origins, fully fleshed out character creation chapter

Revised Species
Fully fleshed out species chapter, including history, physical appearances, and homeworlds

New Skills Chapter
Skills chapter rebuilt from the ground up to better fit with the system

Revised System
Actions are now known as "moments" to better fit with the system, many bug fixes and improvements

A Whole New Galaxy
Revised galaxy map, new locations, moved old locations slightly, image now in higher resolution

New Character Sheets
Updated character sheets to fit with all the new rules changes, now included in the core book

As always, the RPG is created and edited by only one person, me.  I try to work out kinks and fix errors (both the math and spelling kind) where I can, and I even enlist the help of my many playtesters.  If you ever come across an error (math, spelling, grammar) or require some rules clarification, do not hesitate to email me the details of the error, or whatever you believe to be the error, and you'll get credit in the core book as a playtester when I pump out another revised copy (possibly a 2.1).

Now let me present to you the "The Final Saga: The RPG" or simply "The Final Saga".  Future novels will carry the same umbrella name under the Universal Saga Productions company.

Download the Final Saga RPG via Torrent (via Dropbox) HERE
Download the Final Saga RPG via Dropbox HERE

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