Friday, January 24, 2014


I'm rolling out Universal Saga's official Tumblr, and this blog is officially being discontinued.  You can find us there and all future Final Saga updates there at

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

The RPG 2.0

I haven't posted for almost a full year, and that last post was about not posting.  Last time I talked about cleaning up the RPG, as it was my #1 priority, and I also discussed some silly things like looking for a catch phrase, and other things I was doing to try and figure out what I wanted to really do.

Well, work on the RPG I did.

I'm introducing the RPG: Version 2.  The key difference between version 1 and 2 is that version 2 has a design language based on the Five Core Rules that I've tried to stick to, which was simplicity, freedom, and easy to understand tables to help with rules clutter and organization.  I also focused on what I felt separated my system from others: the lore.  There's a whole host of changes designed to make using this system easier than ever before.  Here's a list of the major changes.

New Name
The Universal Saga RPG is now the Final Saga RPG, to better reflect the new system

Fully Revised Chapters
New introduction chapter, revised opening, enhancements/vehicles rolled into equipment chapters

All New Character Creation
New themes and origins, fully fleshed out character creation chapter

Revised Species
Fully fleshed out species chapter, including history, physical appearances, and homeworlds

New Skills Chapter
Skills chapter rebuilt from the ground up to better fit with the system

Revised System
Actions are now known as "moments" to better fit with the system, many bug fixes and improvements

A Whole New Galaxy
Revised galaxy map, new locations, moved old locations slightly, image now in higher resolution

New Character Sheets
Updated character sheets to fit with all the new rules changes, now included in the core book

As always, the RPG is created and edited by only one person, me.  I try to work out kinks and fix errors (both the math and spelling kind) where I can, and I even enlist the help of my many playtesters.  If you ever come across an error (math, spelling, grammar) or require some rules clarification, do not hesitate to email me the details of the error, or whatever you believe to be the error, and you'll get credit in the core book as a playtester when I pump out another revised copy (possibly a 2.1).

Now let me present to you the "The Final Saga: The RPG" or simply "The Final Saga".  Future novels will carry the same umbrella name under the Universal Saga Productions company.

Download the Final Saga RPG via Torrent (via Dropbox) HERE
Download the Final Saga RPG via Dropbox HERE

Friday, November 22, 2013

Hold on to your butts

I haven't posted in a year, but sit tight, I have a major announcement coming up.

Monday, December 3, 2012

No Post November

It seems that I've been inactive here on the blogosphere throughout most of October, and all of November.  While I haven't been able to generate new content for you yet, I have been working on content, namely all the stuff I said I was working on earlier such as tables for powers for easy readability, tweaking the character sheet even further and including that directly into the PDF, and finally working on the Final Saga novel.

Chapter 4 of the novel has been a challenge and a bit of a writer's block because it explores the mind of the truly alien.  Frankly each time I've written it I've tossed it aside for being, simply put, too human.  I've been looking for some source material to help me overcome this barrier and actually pump out a good chapter 4.

The RPG is still my #1 priority, and I'm planning on pushing out an update to fix spelling errors, plus I plan to overhaul the semi-confusing "Vanir/Deva" dual name thing.  Vanir and Deva are the same thing, Vanir is just how the Aesir referred to them, and Deva is just what they called themselves.  To put it in a similar context, Battlestar Galactica has Cylons, however many on the show call them toasters.

Other things I've been trying to work on is figure some stuff out.  Like all great Sci-Fi franchises the Universal Saga lacks a catch phrase.  Star Trek has "to boldly go where no man has gone before" (with many, many others), Star Wars has "may the force be with you", Battlestar Galactica has "so say we all/by your command", and Stargate has "Indeed".  So I've been toying with the idea of creating something similar, something people in the galaxy can just say that can double as a catch phrase, or a phrase that instantly gets people to think of the Universal Saga.

Anyways, I'll be working throughout the month on getting content down to you, and I plan on keeping this page loaded with updates throughout the month on my progress.

PS: I've been playing around with the blog's format, everything should be a bit cleaner, easier to read with links in green/red (depending if you've clicked them or not), titles in steel-blue, and white plain text over a black background.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

The Universal Saga RPG v.1.1.0

I have officially updated the Universal Saga to version 1.1.0  What does this update bring?

-Character Backgrounds (look towards the end of chapter 2!)
-Character Themes (bonuses to skills!)
-Character Genres (new minor abilities!)
-Character Hero Status (power up your stats!)
-Redesigned Character Sheet (9001% more efficient!)
-More bug fixes (and typos fixed too!)

Get your copy here!
The Universal Saga RPG
The Universal Saga Character Sheet

If you have or plan on enjoying my work, please buy me a beer.  Beer is good, and stuff, but more importantly it helps me know that my work is appreciated.

The update rollout to version 1.5 is still going on, as you can see I haven't been sitting on my hands and the big update of simplifiing all the rules into power cards and more easy to read tables is well on it's way, and I have a date: 2013, hopefully early 2013.

If you enjoy my work here, please go see my work over at Barbaric Softworks where I'm working on a new type of video game that, as far as I know, has never been done before.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Universal Saga RPG v.1.01 Arrives!

For those of you following me still, I have version 1.01 of the Universal Saga RPG.  What's different?

-Character Sheet Included
-Map of the Galaxy Included
-Norn Hosts revised to include Forged and Humans
-Some typos fixed.

You want it?  Here you go!

The Universal Saga RPG v1.01

You want more?  How about separate links to the character sheet in excel and the galaxy map?

The Map of the Galaxy
Universal Saga RPG Character Sheet

If you enjoy my work, please buy me a beer!

More updates will soon to come as I will be hosting a new playtesting group as I move forward with the Universal Saga to produce version 1.5.  What is planned for version 1.5 you might be asking?  Basically, expect typos fixed, rules clarified and simplified, and a whole host of simplification changes as I streamline the book.  Expect to see all the powers fixed into "cards" similar to Dungeons and Dragons 4th Edition.  The rules already act this way, I just plan on fixing the presentation of the rules so that they make more sense.

As always, the Universal Saga RPG is an open source work via creatives commons, so feel free to distribute the PDF to your friends and other gamers, all I ask is that you credit me with the original work and perhaps point people to this website so they can experience the full Universal Saga experience as I move forward with my IP.


Thursday, March 15, 2012

Chapter 3 Arrives!

Okay, so I admit sticking to a schedule is difficult, and considering that I want to deliver to you what I would want delivered to me, I thus grant you access to chapter 3.

Chapter 4 is still under review, I want to really put some more time in it since getting in the head of an alien is a lot harder than I anticipated.  Will it be out tomorrow?  Most likely no, will it be out this coming week?  Most likely.  I have the fortune of having a vacation this week and I plan on utilizing this free time to make up the fact I've been inactive the past couple of weeks.

I'll post Chapter 4 in the coming days, also I present to you part 1 of a short story I'm working on:  The Shadow Knight Saga, this short story is a prequel of the Final Saga set in the same Universal Saga universe.  When will part be done?  Well, since The Shadow Knight Saga is a short story based on the Final Saga it will be done when it is done.  But, enjoy the first half of it as me saying sorry for missing two weeks.

The Final Saga: Chapter 3
The Shadow Knight Saga: Part One