Thursday, March 15, 2012

Chapter 3 Arrives!

Okay, so I admit sticking to a schedule is difficult, and considering that I want to deliver to you what I would want delivered to me, I thus grant you access to chapter 3.

Chapter 4 is still under review, I want to really put some more time in it since getting in the head of an alien is a lot harder than I anticipated.  Will it be out tomorrow?  Most likely no, will it be out this coming week?  Most likely.  I have the fortune of having a vacation this week and I plan on utilizing this free time to make up the fact I've been inactive the past couple of weeks.

I'll post Chapter 4 in the coming days, also I present to you part 1 of a short story I'm working on:  The Shadow Knight Saga, this short story is a prequel of the Final Saga set in the same Universal Saga universe.  When will part be done?  Well, since The Shadow Knight Saga is a short story based on the Final Saga it will be done when it is done.  But, enjoy the first half of it as me saying sorry for missing two weeks.

The Final Saga: Chapter 3
The Shadow Knight Saga: Part One