Monday, July 2, 2012

Universal Saga RPG v.1.01 Arrives!

For those of you following me still, I have version 1.01 of the Universal Saga RPG.  What's different?

-Character Sheet Included
-Map of the Galaxy Included
-Norn Hosts revised to include Forged and Humans
-Some typos fixed.

You want it?  Here you go!

The Universal Saga RPG v1.01

You want more?  How about separate links to the character sheet in excel and the galaxy map?

The Map of the Galaxy
Universal Saga RPG Character Sheet

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More updates will soon to come as I will be hosting a new playtesting group as I move forward with the Universal Saga to produce version 1.5.  What is planned for version 1.5 you might be asking?  Basically, expect typos fixed, rules clarified and simplified, and a whole host of simplification changes as I streamline the book.  Expect to see all the powers fixed into "cards" similar to Dungeons and Dragons 4th Edition.  The rules already act this way, I just plan on fixing the presentation of the rules so that they make more sense.

As always, the Universal Saga RPG is an open source work via creatives commons, so feel free to distribute the PDF to your friends and other gamers, all I ask is that you credit me with the original work and perhaps point people to this website so they can experience the full Universal Saga experience as I move forward with my IP.