Tuesday, October 9, 2012

The Universal Saga RPG v.1.1.0

I have officially updated the Universal Saga to version 1.1.0  What does this update bring?

-Character Backgrounds (look towards the end of chapter 2!)
-Character Themes (bonuses to skills!)
-Character Genres (new minor abilities!)
-Character Hero Status (power up your stats!)
-Redesigned Character Sheet (9001% more efficient!)
-More bug fixes (and typos fixed too!)

Get your copy here!
The Universal Saga RPG
The Universal Saga Character Sheet

If you have or plan on enjoying my work, please buy me a beer.  Beer is good, and stuff, but more importantly it helps me know that my work is appreciated.

The update rollout to version 1.5 is still going on, as you can see I haven't been sitting on my hands and the big update of simplifiing all the rules into power cards and more easy to read tables is well on it's way, and I have a date: 2013, hopefully early 2013.

If you enjoy my work here, please go see my work over at Barbaric Softworks where I'm working on a new type of video game that, as far as I know, has never been done before.