Monday, December 3, 2012

No Post November

It seems that I've been inactive here on the blogosphere throughout most of October, and all of November.  While I haven't been able to generate new content for you yet, I have been working on content, namely all the stuff I said I was working on earlier such as tables for powers for easy readability, tweaking the character sheet even further and including that directly into the PDF, and finally working on the Final Saga novel.

Chapter 4 of the novel has been a challenge and a bit of a writer's block because it explores the mind of the truly alien.  Frankly each time I've written it I've tossed it aside for being, simply put, too human.  I've been looking for some source material to help me overcome this barrier and actually pump out a good chapter 4.

The RPG is still my #1 priority, and I'm planning on pushing out an update to fix spelling errors, plus I plan to overhaul the semi-confusing "Vanir/Deva" dual name thing.  Vanir and Deva are the same thing, Vanir is just how the Aesir referred to them, and Deva is just what they called themselves.  To put it in a similar context, Battlestar Galactica has Cylons, however many on the show call them toasters.

Other things I've been trying to work on is figure some stuff out.  Like all great Sci-Fi franchises the Universal Saga lacks a catch phrase.  Star Trek has "to boldly go where no man has gone before" (with many, many others), Star Wars has "may the force be with you", Battlestar Galactica has "so say we all/by your command", and Stargate has "Indeed".  So I've been toying with the idea of creating something similar, something people in the galaxy can just say that can double as a catch phrase, or a phrase that instantly gets people to think of the Universal Saga.

Anyways, I'll be working throughout the month on getting content down to you, and I plan on keeping this page loaded with updates throughout the month on my progress.

PS: I've been playing around with the blog's format, everything should be a bit cleaner, easier to read with links in green/red (depending if you've clicked them or not), titles in steel-blue, and white plain text over a black background.