Thursday, February 23, 2012

Chapter Two

Hello, and welcome to another installment of The Final Saga: Air.  Here is chapter two, next week you will see chapter three in all it's glory!

I quick note, these chapters might seem fairly short you might be wondering.  Well, that's by design.  Without getting into spoilers, there's five main characters and you're going to see one of them every chapter, as such I want to give each character some "screen time" if you will for each major event, letting you, the reader, see things from each character's perspective, and I didn't want to leave a main character out of major events because I felt that wouldn't be fair to you, the reader.  What if your favorite out of the five didn't get his two cents in from his perspective?  As a result of that, yes you'll see shorter chapters than what you might normally find in a regular novel, however you're going to still see the same page count (roughly of course) so that just means you'll be seeing a lot of chapters.

Anyways, love it or hate it, here is chapter two!
The Final Saga: Air - Chapter Two